Which Technology is Best for Ecommerce Website Development?


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Online shopping has become extremely popular in recent years due to the pandemic and the quarantine measures. Users have become much more likely to use their services to purchase goods and services of various categories. It was the best time to launch an ecommerce site that business owners never missed. There are many solutions for e-commerce sites.

The main guideline in choosing is the needs and characteristics of the business. Based on this data, you can either use a website development platform or – much more reliable, cost effective, and faster – hire a team of specialists who will develop a custom product from scratch.

The best technologies to create an e-commerce site

Currently, there are many great solutions that programmers use in the process of building web resources. To obtain an e-commerce site, use the following technologies:

  1. Online Store Solution – Front-end. This is all that opens before the eyes of site visitors. It is very important that the loading speed of the main page of the web resource does not last more than 2.5 seconds. If this number is higher, the user often leaves the site. Time is money. In this case, the owner of the platform will lose it. Additionally, loading speed affects a web resource’s ranking in search engines. The second feature of the solution is the adaptability of the design for different types of devices, including a smartphone. Front-end development starts with the design.
  2. Back-end technology for online stores. It is the creation of the “heart” of the site: adding products to the site, managing orders, expanding the store, registering new users, editing the product catalog. It is important that the solution is implemented without a single error, otherwise the site will not work.
  3. Other services. In order for an online store to become full-fledged and be able to be used by both owner and customers, it needs to be integrated with a number of additional tools, including CRM, order delivery, ordering functions. analysis, payment systems, access to social networks and purchases. networks like Amazon or eBay. The customer decides for himself which options will be incorporated into his final “product”.

One of the main integration methods is the payment method, so the “sell-buy” process is carried out. Among the main ones it is worth highlighting Amazon Payments, Dwolla, Google Wallet and PayPal.

Factors influencing the choice of technology for e-commerce sites

E-commerce site development differs from the development of a classic website by adding resources to the first with a basket for adding goods and the payment order function. The customer, focusing on his material capabilities and preferences, chooses one of the following solutions:

  • creation of a platform for an online store;
  • shopping cart plug-ins;
  • creation of a personalized platform for an online store.

The platform allows a business owner to get a ready-made decision that allows them to trade on the internet.

The integration of the shopping cart is a suitable option for those who already have an online store and need to add new product catalogs, as well as the function of remote payment of goods.

A custom platform is chosen by a platform without limitation of functionality. You can add and use all the options related to the e-commerce site.


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