Unitary Fund Announces Investigation of Quantum Open Source Software


The Unit fund announces its first Quantum Open Source Software (QOSS) survey to better understand the needs and context of the quantum computing community and to improve its products/services/events and educational materials. The survey will cover information on demographics, experience, community, research, tech stacks, and encourage specific feedback. The Unitary Fund also publishes a related survey to understand the state of Diversity and Inclusion of Quantum Open Source Software (QOSS) community. They encourage anyone who codes or wants to code for and with quantum computing technologies to complete these two surveys so they can get a better sense of the collective opinion on these issues within the quantum community. The deadline to complete this survey is September 23, 2022. After analyzing the input data, they will publish and share the anonymized and aggregated results with the wider quantum community. The link to complete the Quantum Open Source survey is here and the link to complete the diversity and inclusion survey is here. Additional information is available in an announcement blog they posted on the Unitary Fund website here.

September 8, 2022


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