Trump’s All-New TRUTH App May Violate Terms Of Open Source Code It Is Built On


The new social network founded by former President Trump may violate the terms of use of the software on which it is based.

On Wednesday evening, after Trump revealed the social app TRUTH, Twitter users began to notice that the network appeared to be based on open source social networking software called Mastodon, which allows people to modify the underlying code. as long as they respect his License.

But the Trump Network appears to have taken the publicly available code for the website while violating the terms that make it free to use.

Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko told TPM in an email that TRUTH appeared to violate the software’s terms of use: making the source code available and having a copy of the general product license available to users. users.

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I intend to seek legal advice on the situation, ”Rochko told TPM, while declining to discuss any specific legal action he might consider.

“Compliance with our AGPLv3 license is very important to me because it is the only basis on which I and other developers are willing to give years of work for free,” added Rochko.

The AGPL license requires that software developed for free – such as Mastodon – remains accessible to the public after being modified. Under the license, TRUTH must share any changes to the Mastodon code.

The requirement allows developers to remain aware of how software is used as long as it is running on public servers, continuing the chain by which different open source developers continue to work and further modify the code that has been created. .

Trump Media & Technology Group, the company backing TRUTH, did not immediately return a request for comment.

Rochko first launched Mastodon in October 2016. Since then, open source software has been the basis of a number of “forks” – when developers take open source software and modify it. This has led to the development of several niche social networks that respect the terms of use set out by Mastodon.

Trump announced the creation of the social network on Wednesday night, touting it as a way to “stand up to big tech companies.” The former president was banned from major social media platforms after the Capitol uprising on January 6.

“We live in a world where the Taliban have a big Twitter presence, but your favorite US president has been silenced,” Trump said in a statement announcing the launch. “This is unacceptable.”


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