Traefik Labs surpasses 3 billion downloads of its open source software, adds more than 100 plugins and provides updates across its entire product line


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Traefik Laboratoriescreator of the popular open source proxy Traefik, today announced milestones demonstrating the company’s success in delivering new technologies that meet market needs and are popular with users.

Traefik’s cloud-native networking platform, Traefik Hub, launched last month, already has more than 3,500 users and is adding new users at the rate of 500 per week.

The open source Traefik Proxy surpassed 3 billion downloads, continuing to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the native cloud ecosystem and ranked among Docker Hub’s 10 most downloaded software. It is the default entry in two of the most popular container orchestrators, Rancher K3s and HashiCorp Nomad.

Currently, Traefik Plugin Catalog has more than 100 plugins available to everyone – all are open source and 95% of them generated by the user community. Plugins for Traefik Proxy were introduced in September 2020, giving users the ability to extend Traefik’s capabilities. Traefik Proxy’s ability to support external plugins makes the technology unique from others. Popular plugin choices include Fail2Banan IP blacklist/whitelist plugin, ServiceFabrica configuration plug-in for Service Fabric, and Souinan HTTP caching system plugin.

In the spirit of open source and for the benefit of the user community, Traefik Labs is doing the Traefik Proxy roadmap public to bring more open governance to the project and facilitate collaboration between external contributors and the core Traefik team. This will bring more transparency, improve the feedback loop, and ultimately lead to a better product for everyone.

In product development, apart from introducing Traefik Hub, the company has released Traefik Proxy 2.8 which includes integrations with HashiCorp Consul and Nomad. Traefik Proxy has become the first ingress and reverse proxy to natively integrate with the new Nomad Service Discovery feature. It supports multiple namespaces that allow running different versions of the same application in isolation or validating a new feature with one namespace for testing and another for QA. Plus, its integration with Traefik Hub makes it easy to instantly publish and secure containers at the edge.

The company also launched the latest version of Traefik Enterprise 2.7 with enhanced security features such as OAuth 2.0 client credentials, Proof-Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) support for OIDC, Windows support, and API portal enhancements. Traefik Enterprise offers exclusive all-in-one, highly available, scalable and distributed features, combined with premium bundled support for production-grade deployments. With hybrid support for legacy and cloud-native applications, Traefik Enterprise is the ideal solution to help companies gradually and securely migrate to a microservices platform.

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About Traefik Labs

Traefik Laboratories builds the world’s most popular cloud-native application networking stack. Traefik’s modern approach to networking helps developers and operations teams of all sizes quickly and easily build, deploy, and run modern microservices applications across data centers, on-premises servers, and desktops. public clouds, from origin to edge. Used by the world’s largest companies, Traefik Proxy is a top 10 Docker Hub project, with over 3 billion downloads. Founded in 2016, Traefik Labs is backed by investors including Balderton Capital, Elaia, 360 Capital Partner and Kima Ventures. For more information, visit and follow @traefik on Twitter.


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