The new startup Moxly, a builder of mobile applications, proposed to use open source code for personal data storage security


Moxly open source code

Moxly is a no-code online platform that allows users to visually build native mobile apps, enabling rapid iteration.

If you can’t see the code for what you’re buying, you’re more hooked”

—Darkhan Shadykul, CEO

NEW CITY, NY, USA, October 26, 2022 / — Moxly is designed not only for programmers, but also for people without technical skills to create mobile applications. Unlike other platforms, Moxly provides all the tools in a single window: no codes and Low Code + Open Source.

During a meeting with Moxly users, Darkhan Shadykul announced a new version of the platform and said, “We have decided to focus on the security of users’ personal data and have revised the approach to providing the Sass service. Currently, none of the top 50 developers of no-code mobile applications, such as Bubble, Adalo or Glade…, offer 100% security of their code and, above all, do not guarantee the security of the storage of users’ personal data in the client applications. All of this software is SaaS-based, and platform owners can easily access enterprise users who create their own line-of-business applications.”

The developers of Moxly, together with their founder Darkhan Shadykul, after conducting surveys with large companies, decided to release an open source version for companies of their main version of the Saas platform.

In the age of GDPR, CCPA, YMCA, etc., ownership of user data is essential for full compliance. There are currently many legal uncertainties for European institutions regarding the use of any SaaS tool that transfers data to servers located in the United States. You cannot use Google Analytics or Zapier. The solution in many cases is not to analyze or automate. Government agencies or large corporations cannot afford the reputational risk and associated penalties associated with reporting breaches of privacy laws.

Gagik Mneyan, Security Evangelist at Moxly, added, “We need to bridge the gap between what development teams need to know about cybersecurity and the tools they need to use to implement in a company’s business. Either way, it’s not an impossible achievement, and now we have a really exciting opportunity to improve application security software in industry and government circles.”

Growth in productivity and ownership is yet to come, and Moxly is taking the product creation approach by dramatically lowering the barrier to entry for entrepreneurship. It’s much cheaper and easier to test your business idea, and many are starting to take advantage of it.

This explosion of entrepreneurship has yet to occur in large organizations in the form of ownership and initiative (intrapreneurship). To date, they are limited by data privacy and the lack of legacy stack integration that the organization maintains. Offering them OSC with a no-code interface is the key to unlocking their potential.

“Your proprietary code is our opportunity,” said Darkhan Shadykul. “Moxly open source is in full swing. in this space”.

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