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Reach the best veterans in the United States with this database. Get your VETERAN data from a business owned and operated by a disabled veteran

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While all Americans are born into a land of freedom and opportunity, that freedom requires the protection of the very people who enjoy it.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, July 11, 2022 / — Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help any business focused on growing their customers or customers. Businesses working directly with other businesses will want to use the many commercial postal mailing lists available. These lists include relevant business data such as the name and job title of the decision maker responsible for these high volume transactions.

Businesses focused on the general public will want to use the many consumer postal mailing lists available. These lists cover a wide range of different geographic and demographic marketing needs. Whether it’s a B2B goal or a need to reach the general consumer, listings are available for a higher chance of engagement and response.

The global origin of Sprint Data Solutions
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing owes its beginnings to the dream of a disabled veteran. After serving in the military and fulfilling all of his obligations, the next step was to move away from defense and focus on growth. In this case, change meant helping American businesses grow by increasing their ability to find and retain customers or customers. A small start-up was created to pursue this goal, and today this company is proud to have a staff with a combined total of more than 50 years of experience in the field of marketing.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made its first foray into marketing before a paradigm shift. Older analog techniques, such as television and radio advertising, still dominated the industry, but digital was already making waves that people expected to grow. Initially, the company focused on direct mail marketing, which had the great effect of imparting crucial lessons in data acquisition, management and analysis. When, as some predicted, digital turned out to be a significant marketing force, the company was well positioned to incorporate digital marketing into its service repertoire to be a frontrunner. This has led to substantial gains for the company and its customers.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing initially only served its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now it covers all of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. There is also North American coverage with databases for Canada and Mexico. Companies ready to internationalize can use databases to cross the Atlantic and enter European Union markets such as France.

A time for patriots
Because a disabled veteran created Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, there is enormous respect and awareness for war veterans in the United States. In past generations, brave American men and women have either answered the call of duty when conscription was invoked or, in times of peace, have taken it upon themselves to don uniform and fight to defend the rule of law and democratic values. worldwide.

Veterans come from all walks of life in America, with different ethnicities, religious faiths and economic classes coming together for a common cause of protecting the country in which they grew up. This creates a broad demographic that always has a common driving factor: the experience of having served the country. However, different backgrounds and interests lurk behind this common cause, creating many business and marketing opportunities or charitable causes for the appropriate organization.

Veterans have varying interests and needs. Some veterans who may be injured or disabled will be interested in products or services to help them cope with disabilities. Other veterans may be interested in charitable causes to help people in countries in which they may have served or provide aid to countries currently in military conflict, such as Ukraine. Other veterans may be interested in personal development after completing their tours of duty and be receptive to developmental products or services that help them pursue college, trades, or other studies that open up new options for life after military service. Some veterans may want help, while others want new paths; it’s just about finding the right product or service.

Get in touch
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has comprehensive listings of war veteran databases all over the United States. These databases will meet all geographic requirements. While nationwide marketing may be provided for the greatest number of prospects, it may also be limited to a regional focus, such as only veterans in the New England area. It can also target individual states and even specific neighborhoods within cities or towns, such as only veterans in Brooklyn, New York.

Databases can also be provided according to more specific demographic breakdowns. Veteran-related services targeting only Italian Americans may be provided. A veterans-only call for practicing Christian veterans is available if needed. Even financial measures can specifically target middle-class veterans. These lists include essential contact data such as mailing addresses, but additional details may be included to meet other marketing needs. Email addresses for digital marketing are available, phone numbers for telemarketing can be provided, and mobile phone numbers for SMS/text marketing can be provided depending on the needs of a marketing strategy.
Some companies may be interested in hands-on direct mail campaign management, but feel reluctant due to a lack of experience. There are turnkey direct mail solutions to remedy this. These special services guide customers through every step of the immediate mail process with guidance. From concept to design, then to manufacturing and printing, and finally to distribution using the required databases. Everything takes place under one roof, eliminating the need to source and check individual suppliers, as usual for this process.

If you want to reach war veterans around America, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You support a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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