The 9 main advantages of open source software


Open source software has come a long way over the years, and there are many reasons to incorporate this technology into the enterprise. Here are the top nine benefits of open source software.

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The 9 main advantages of open source software

1. The price is right

Open source products stick to a very non-commercial vibe, so most projects don’t ask for a fee.

2. All about quality

Open source is above all improve technology in real time. Often the best talent in the industry lends support to open source communities.

3. Control

In the commercial world, vendors control code and cost. When you implement an open source solution, the code can be modified to meet your needs and meet your budget.

4. Continuity

When a commercial software company goes bankrupt or stops handling a software product, you’re out of luck. If an open source leader “leaves” a project or community, others take over.

5. Smart Move

Thanks to both open source communities and internal collaboration, your technical team will have a better idea of ​​all the IT practices, resources and tools available. So you can better serve your organization.

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6. Many code supervisors

It’s true, there is open source and security concerns. But with diverse talent reviewing code in communities, there are more professionals overseeing code integrity.

7. Evacuation

With an abundance of open source community members, bugs are usually found and fixed early.

8. No commercial pressure

Unlike commercial software channels, you won’t be forced to invest in upgrades that often have limited value when choosing an open source product.

9. Be a hero

When IT pros take a lead role in supporting the open source community, it shines a more positive light on your team (and your business).

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