Taiwan presidential website hit by cyberattack ahead of Nancy Pelosi visit


As more than 300,000 people anxiously watched the flight path of the US Air Force plane carrying Nancy Pelosi on her tour of Asia, Taiwan’s presidential website has come under an apparent cyberattack, reports . In a spot spotted by Taiwanese presidential spokesman Chang Tun-Han said a distributed denial-of-service attack took down the website early Tuesday evening.

According to Tun-Han, the attack took place outside of Taiwan and saw the website bombarded with more than 200 times the amount of traffic it normally sees. They claim the website was back to normal operation “within 20 minutes”. However, when Engadget went to visit, there was only one line that said “OK”.

Pelosi’s plane landed in Taiwan late Tuesday evening Taipei Standard Time, reports . According to local media, she should stay the night. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi is the most senior US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Ahead of Tuesday’s visit, China warned there would be “resolute and strong action” if Pelosi continued on his trip.

“There is only one China in the world, Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory, and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legal government representing the whole of China,” the official said on Tuesday. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The one-China principle is a universal consensus of the international community and a fundamental norm in international relations.”

The United States maintains a so-called “” policy with respect to Taiwan. In 1972, former President Richard Nixon visited mainland China. During Nixon’s visit, the United States agreed “that all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait maintain that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China”. China views visits by foreign government officials to Taiwan as an acknowledgment of its sovereignty – although members of Congress have visited the self-governing island regularly over the years.

“America’s solidarity with Taiwan’s 23 million people is more important than ever as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy,” Pelosi said. . “Our visit is one of many congressional delegations to Taiwan – and it in no way contradicts long-standing U.S. policy, guided by the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, the U.S.-China Joint Communiques, and the Six Assurances .”


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