Russian developers will be deprived of access to open source software


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The international GitHub platform may restrict access to the open source repository for Russian developers. Although the use of this software is free, the license agreement still exists and contains many restrictions, in particular the prohibition to the countries under sanctions to work with the code defined in open access.

Support can deprive existing programs. According to the publication, the developers have already started posting statements on social networks about a possible ban on the use of their code by Russian programmers.

How it will affect Russia

Although open source software can be freely used by developers, code authors are free to define the rules for using their work, including

deny the right to use them for any reason.

Besides, there are many very large companies that provide Open Source licenses, including giants such as Mozilla and Apache.

It should be noted that solutions created exclusively in Russia will not be enough, and some software products are completely unmatched. More than 85% of Russian software that grants the right to access public markets uses open source in one form or another. For example, virtually all operating systems on the Linux platform, which are supplied to many corporate customers and government departments, including law enforcement agencies, are built on it.

Russian developers will be denied access to open source software


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