RIA: Russian ministry website appears to be hacked; RIA advises that user data is protected

Kremlin: The website of Russia’s Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities appears to have been hacked, with an internet search of the site leading to a “Glory to Ukraine” sign in Ukrainian.

On Sunday evening, Russia’s state news agency RIA quoted a ministry official as saying the site was down but users’ personal data was protected.

RIA said other outlets have reported hackers demanding a ransom to prevent public disclosure of user data. Reuters was unable to determine which media were cited by the RIA.

Many Russian state-owned companies and media outlets have suffered sporadic hacking attempts since Russia sent its armed forces to Ukraine on February 24.

Hacking attacks in early May kept video hosting site RuTube offline for three days and changed satellite TV menus in Moscow on Victory Day, when Russia marked the 77th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

Separately, Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency reported on Sunday that OLL.TV’s online Ukraine-Wales football match broadcast had been temporarily hacked. Reuters was unable to verify this report.

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