Pentagon Information Technology completes 26 years in website development


They are celebrating 2022 as their company’s anniversary year for completing 26 years in the website development industry.

Apart from website development, they offer:

• Development of mobile applications

• Development of e-commerce websites

• Digital Marketing Services

• File management solutions, and more

They are one of the best web development companies in the world, having a team of skilled developers with great experience in the field of web development. They will use their expertise while developing a website for the clients. They have a customer base of over 3500+ satisfied customers.

The company started when people didn’t know much about websites. At that time, everyone wondered what a website was? They were selling websites by telling customers it was an electronic brochure, which was the best term they could give websites.

• In 2006, they opened the Indian office, which they call the offshore development office because all development, whether it is website development, mobile application development or anything else, going on there. The good thing about the Indian office is that it is a Go Green office because it has been solar powered for two years.

• In 2010, they opened their US office in Houston, a marketing office. The purpose of opening the US office was to obtain development work from the United States. The Pentagon’s information technology expands its reach over the years.

• In 2014, the Pentagon opened its office in Dubai, which was also a development office and adds to the existing office in Abu Dhabi. They have a full dedicated team of professional website and mobile developers.

• In 2018, they opened an office in Canada to bring development work from Canada. It was also a marketing office, with development work being done in the India office.

• In 2020 they had planned to open an office in the UK, but this was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Planning for the UK office has been completed, so we can expect the UK office to open anytime this year.

Pentagon founder Rojo Jose said, “One of the key things the Pentagon does in the industry is that we do business in the most honest way. This is one of the main selling points of the Pentagon. Because we do business as honestly as possible so that customers have complete trust in the Pentagon.”

He boosts employee morale by saying words like “Treat every day like your first day to keep the fire going for excellence.”


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