Pakistani developer’s open source contribution to NASA ingenuity goes to Mars


Pakistani developers are really making their mark in the world and not just in the indie ecosystem but globally in the open source development world. One of these developers is Ahmad Awais, well known to be one of the few Pakistanis to win the Gold GitHub Stars Award and who is an expert developer from Google.

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Ahmad had contributed his code to the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission software known as Ingenuity. It was a small contribution among many other developers around the world that played a big part in humanity’s first successful attempt at controlled airplane flight on Mars. According to NASA:
“The team that built Ingenuity is much larger than JPL’s 6,000 employees. Behind the 4-pound helicopter were contractors from well-known companies like AeroVironment, Lockheed Martin and Qualcomm. And behind its expansive software were thousands of open source developers around the world, oblivious to the seriousness of their contributions.

Almost 12,000 people contributed the code, documentation, graphic design and more to the open source software that made Ingenuity possible. To celebrate this moment in open source history, GitHub has added a new badge to the profiles of these contributors.

In a nutshell, the developers who had contributed to the NASA project received a unique badge on GitHub that identified their contributions.

The Pakistani developer’s main reason for this contribution was due to a passion for space exploration he had as a child. In a recent blog post, he said the following:
“When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut – explore space and so on. But I was afraid of heights, so whenever my mom asked me, I said I would settle down as a scientist who would invent things like rockets.

Years went by, reading space exploration missions, then yearning to meet Elon Musk (the one who rebelled? Isn’t it?) – I started to realize how great I was. far from becoming a rocket specialist.

The fun fact here is that Ahmad started out as an electrical engineering graduate who hated his degree and started learning to invent things by coding on his own. It shows how far self-learning can lead a person.

With Ahmad taking another important milestone, he set an example for an entire nation to continue to focus on innovation.

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