Oxeye Announces Cloud Native Application Security Solution at KubeCon


Oxeye will showcase its Cloud Native Application Security solution at KubeCon 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, October 24-28.

Located at booth SU74, Oxeye will demonstrate how the company’s platform combines static analysis with agentless execution flow tracking and infrastructure analysis to identify exploitable security issues and determine their location. severity level. With this information, developers and application security teams will be better equipped to prioritize and resolve cloud-native application security issues.

KubeCon is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference. The event brings together leading technologists from top open source and cloud native communities to advance the education and advancement of cloud native computing. Kubernetes containers, combined with a microservices architecture, are a departure from traditional application design. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is helping build a map across this new terrain, and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is where the community comes together to share expertise in this once uncharted but increasingly popular territory.

Due to the high level of risk to cloud-hosted application workloads, it is essential that application security testing is performed in a way that meets the unique security requirements of cloud-native applications. Unlike traditional application security testing products, the Oxeye Cloud Native Application Security solution was developed with the same high degree of flexibility and scale as cloud infrastructure in order to identify and resolve vulnerabilities often present in these environments.

Selecting a solution designed and optimized for the cloud-native segment of the application security testing market is imperative, as AppSec and DevSecOps professionals face millions of industry-wide cloud-native applications. In order to protect this new application architecture, a next-generation application security solution is needed to enable good code hygiene in an automated way. To that end, Oxeye focuses on these ever-changing environments, automatically adapting with an agile testing capability that does not require code changes or the need for manual intervention.

With the global cloud native platform market growing at a record CAGR of 23.5% over the next 7 years, the demand for these easily scalable applications has never been higher,” said Dean Agron, CEO and co-founder of Oxeye. “With this growth comes a level of security risk that is unmanageable with traditional application security testing solutions. Oxeye fills this void with a leading cloud-native solution designed for these new environments that we are excited to showcase in Detroit this year.

To meet Oxeye at KubeCon 2022, learn about the company’s cloud-native application security platform, talk to the team behind the Parsethru Golang vulnerability and the Sandbreak vm2 vulnerability, and audition four different pairs of noise canceling headphones, for a chance to win your favorite pair, visit booth SU74.


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