One of 11 trainee lawyers who cheated on exams withdraws his candidacy for the Bar



In a letter to the media on Wednesday, Mr Tay apologized for his “inexcusable misconduct”, saying he felt deep remorse.

“I know that I am currently unfit and unsuitable for admission to the Bar. As such, I have requested that my candidacy be withdrawn, with such conditions to be set by the Court as it deems appropriate for my case” , did he declare.

“Having sought admission to an honorable profession where honesty and integrity are paramount, I understand that my actions have tarnished public confidence in the administration of justice and the legal system as a whole.”

Mr Tay apologized to the legal fraternity, whose “global reputation”, he said, had been damaged by his actions.

He also apologized to other candidates for the 2020 Part B exams, saying his actions had “cast a cloud” over the integrity of the exam process and undermined their efforts to pass fairly.

“Finally, to all members of the public, please forgive all 11 of us and restore your faith in the integrity of Singapore’s lawyers,” Mr Tay said.

“Please give us a second chance to start over. I ask for your goodwill for the 11 of us who have been found guilty of cheating on the Bar exams.”

Mr Tay said he would reflect on his actions, volunteer and do more voluntary work to give back to the community in the near future.

“I’m really sorry and I’ll do better,” he said.


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