New website matches tech unemployed with open jobs


In June, an Israeli investor named Yoav Anaki received a message from a friend, Gil Dibner of US-based Angular Ventures, about a website called that lists companies that have laid off employees. .

Since there has also been a drastic increase in the number of Israeli companies laying off employees, Dibner asked Anaki if there was a similar website in Israel. There were none.

And that same evening, Anaki, who has a background in computer science, created a website with a quintessential Israeli touch.

“What was the point of simply listing the layoffs? said Anaki, a junior partner at, a venture capital fund that invests in early startups. “I knew I wanted to help.”

Photo courtesy of Yoav Anaki

His goal, he said, was “to help super talented people who had been laid off for financial reasons find other jobs.”

The Layoffs Project, which Anaki calls a “field effort,” lists not only companies that have laid off workers, but also employees who are actively seeking employment and companies looking to hire employees.

The three listings are combined on the website so that it is “more than a tabloid” but rather a site to help businesses and employees find each other.

The site’s launch comes amid a severe downturn in Israel’s high-tech sector. According to data from Anaki, 3,243 tech workers have been laid off since May 1.

Find jobs

Since its launch just over two months ago, The Layoffs Project has received over 100,000 views.

“About 350 people have registered on the site to look for jobs, and 324 companies have registered to hire people,” Anaki said.

Although he doesn’t have hard numbers, he thinks a few dozen people have found work through the site.

“Even if only two people found a job, I would be very happy,” he said. “I’m doing this for altruistic reasons.”

He believes that “these massive layoffs de-stigmatize the fact of being unemployed or laid off”.

Because job recruiters know that being laid off today doesn’t necessarily reflect a lack of talent or ability, it’s “much easier to come out publicly as looking for a job. job,” Anaki said.

However, among job seekers, “there are certainly still concerns, which is why the process on The Layoffs Project is entirely opt-in.”

People’s names are automatically removed from the website list after 30 days “to ensure that we respect everyone’s privacy”.

Reason to be optimistic

Anaki acknowledged that these are difficult times.

The economic situation in Israel “doesn’t look good in the short term,” he said, but in the long term, “I’m super optimistic. The human resources we have here in Israel are crazy. »

Graphic courtesy of The Layoffs Project

He sees his role in The Layoffs Project as a matchmaker. He does this as a volunteer and has no intention of monetizing the website.

“A lot of people have offered to help me and companies have donated money to help build the site,” he adds.

He credits Dibner for coming up with the original idea and his team at “for being super helpful on the execution side of things.”

“It’s very Israeli to help each other,” Anaki said. “The Israeli ecosystem supports this notion.”

He added that “so many people shared it on their social media pages and they reached out to help.”

“This concept is very Israeli because everyone gets involved,” Anaki said. “I don’t think many other countries would do that.”


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