New website for Carlow Mayo Public Library


According to Deidre Rowe Brown, Carlow Mayo Public Library Board Member, the library recently launched a new website at, giving patrons a new way to interact with the library. and to access their services and information even when the library building is closed. Rowe Brown says the site is an evolving project, that new features and services will be added over time, and that they welcome contributions from the community via email to [email protected]

Rowe Brown emailed the Bancroft Times on December 6 telling them about the new Carlow Mayo Public Library website at She says the new initiative is part of the library’s recently approved four-year strategic plan, designed to make the library an inclusive community center with exceptional service and accessible to all.

In line with his recently completed multi-year strategic plan, Rowe Brown outlines his goals for the coming years.

“We plan to further develop our programs and collections, improve our communications with the community and stakeholders, and forge more community partnerships like the one developed with Metis Nation for the recent reading challenge,” she said.

More information on the library’s strategic plan can be found at

According to Rowe Brown, it took a little over a year to plan, design and populate the new website.

“I’m responsible for the website board and worked with web designer Katherine Houlding from UpNorthWebs. She also provided me with training so that I could update the website now that it is up and running, ”she says.

Rowe Brown says the library is now open to the public, but the new website will provide an alternative way for the township’s approximately 864 residents to access services and information even when the building is closed.

“It provides a central online location where you can learn about the library, search its collections, access online activities for the whole family, order free e-books, audiobooks and videos, and learn about events.” coming up, ”she said.

The website will be an ever-evolving project, according to Rowe Brown, and she says the Carlow Mayo Public Library is committed to making sure its content is up to date and relevant to the surrounding community. She reveals that plans are underway for additional features and services and that the library is inviting the community to participate. Any contribution can be emailed to them at [email protected]

Carrie McKenzie, the chief librarian of the Carlow Mayo Public Library, is very excited about the new website and believes the new website will give her clients a chance to make full use of the library’s resources.

“It has links to social media, our online catalog and more. Since this pandemic clearly does not end tomorrow, we are striving to reach our virtual customers as much as our customers in person, ”she said. “Our goal is to be accessible to all residents of Carlow Mayo, and this website is a step in the direction of virtual! “


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