MetaMask migrates its open-source code under a new proprietary license


  • The Ethereum MetaMask wallet has adopted a new software license.
  • The license will protect the wallet from “free riders”.
  • MetaMask will be free for users, but some forks must allow code.

The popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask recently announced that it has migrated its open source code under a new limited license. In a blog post, the company explained that despite the fact that open source software solves many common problems, “fair compensation for the maintenance of these community assets remains an issue.”

MetaMask has now adopted a “tiered proprietary license”, leaving behind its previous permissive MIT license. The new license will help prevent business entities (with over 10,000 monthly active users) from using its software for free. MetaMask noted that the new license would protect it from “free riders or upstream competitors to exercise monopoly control.”

Jacob Cantele, Product Manager for MetaMask, took to Twitter to break the news.


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