Maryland not budging on sports betting registration deadline


Maryland sports betting regulators have no plans to extend the state’s October 21 mobile and competitive sports betting application deadline.

The Maryland Sports Betting Applications Review Commission, or SWARC, made this clear yesterday when it stated on its website that “at this time, October 21, 2022 is the only deadline for submitting applications. ” and the application fee for a maximum of 60 mobiles and more. to 30 retail competitive sports betting licenses available under the Maryland sports betting law.

The application window for all competitive licenses officially closes at 5 p.m. ET on October 21, according to the SWARC website. The application window opened on September 6.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Manager James Butler reiterated that the deadline is firm during a public comment meeting in Baltimore today on proposed final regulations governing mobile retail licenses and competitive by SWARC. The emergency sports betting regulations are in place until the permanent regulations are final, or until March 3, 2023, whichever comes first.

“We have received a number of questions regarding the possibility of SWARC having additional application windows in the future,” Butler said today. The answer, published yesterday in the SWARC Website FAQsclarifies that the only application deadline at the moment is October 21. “The establishment of any additional application window is at the discretion of SWARC and will require the approval of a majority of SWARC members,” Butler said, citing the website.

According to MLG officials, the first mobile licenses could be issued within 90 days, putting Maryland’s mobile sportsbook on track for a launch by the end of 2022.

Strict rules govern the Maryland sports betting application process

Once the application window closes on October 21, SWARC will have up to 45 days to consider a competitive mobile or retail application under the current rules.

The rules are strict. Any application may be rejected if all requested documents and the non-refundable SWARC application fee are not received by the October 21 deadline.

The time limit is set by SWARC, but the fees are set by law.

They are the following:

Mobile: $500,000

Class B-1 facility (retail): $250,000

Class B-2 facility (retail): $50,000

Comments made at today’s public comment meeting by Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Representative Arthur Robinson indicated that some businesses in Maryland want mobile license fees reduced.

Changing the required fees would likely require state legislative action – delayed until 2023 at the earliest – although Robinson suggested SWARC may consider regulatory action on fees in the future.

Robinson pointed to language in the Maryland Sports Betting Act of 2021 that gives SWARC the power to open new application windows for unassigned mobile or competitive retail licenses.

But it is not certain that SWARC would launch a new application process, if the opportunity arose.

Maryland Mobile Sports Betting Application Process: What Could Happen to Us

On its website, SWARC recognize its authority under Maryland law to open a new application window for mobile or competitive retail licenses that are not awarded.

But SWARC also clarifies that the decision to do so rests with the commission.

SWARC does not seem ready to make this decision.

“If SWARC does not allocate the maximum number of licenses, SWARC may (but is not obligated) to create additional application windows for any portion of the remaining Mobile Licenses or Class B Installation Licenses. establishment of any additional application window is at the discretion of SWARC and would require the approval of a majority of SWARC members,” according to the SWARC website.


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