Manage the proliferation of applications


The proliferation of apps is a modern business curse. This is the inevitable result of the difficulty (if not the impossibility) of deploying digital services in an orderly fashion. There is still something going on yesterday and something else that is going to take years to get started. Individual departments make their own software choices, and those options don’t always meet in the middle. Then there are the legacy apps that need to be kept for licensing or contractual reasons, or because there is nothing that can really replace them, and these need to coexist with the new and shiny ones. Inevitably, there are workarounds, tradeoffs and duplication, as well as security holes.

Managing this proliferation of applications is time consuming and complex. Since digital services are deployed in a constant cycle of “development, operation, analysis”, they must be managed and secured throughout their lifecycle. Therefore, it’s no surprise that organizations in nearly every industry are looking for greater visibility into their operations and how different solutions interact, for better performance and enhanced security.

The best performing digital service management tools are device, location and operating system independent – they work in on-premises and multi-cloud environments to provide a consolidated picture of an organization’s applications, their performance and safety.

Join us on the 7the December for a special webinar in which we reveal our tailor-made research findings in this area and explore how companies approach digital service management and security throughout the software development lifecycle.

We’ll also discuss current opinion on issues like open source software, containerization, cloud native infrastructure, and cloud migration, all of which add options but sometimes at the cost of complexity. How to extract the positive points while minimizing the sprawl? Given the presence of inheritance, to what extent can observability be modernized?

The webinar Observability by Design: How Application Observability Strengthens Digital Service Management and Security Success will take place at 3:00 p.m. GMT on December 07. Register today.


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