Liz Truss says UK workers lack ‘skills and application’ in audio leaks


Tory management favorite Liz Truss has come under fire for suggesting UK workers are lazy, in comments she made in a leaked audio recording.

In the recording, obtained by Guardian political editor Pippa Crerar, Truss suggests that British citizens lack the “skills and application” of foreign nationals and need “more corruption”.

Truss’ inflammatory comments, which were made when she was chief secretary to the Treasury, also include a suggestion that the disparity between British and overseas workers was “partly a mindset or an attitude”.

“Half a Decade”

Asked about the remarks at a husting event last night, Truss said: ‘I don’t know what you’re quoting there. However, hours earlier, sources in his own campaign team suggested his comments were genuine, describing them as “half a decade old”.

The news was seized by Labour, who called the Foreign Secretary’s comments ‘offensive’, saying they ‘effectively label UK workers lazy’.

HuffPost described the Conservative leader’s remarks as being in “sharp contrast” to her promise at an advertising campaign event in Darlington last week not to “speak up our country.”

At the event, Truss told those in attendance that “I believe in Britain, unlike some media who choose to denigrate our country”. Just 48 hours later, at another election campaign in Cheltenham, she said that as Prime Minister she would ‘challenge those who try to denigrate our country’.

“World’s Worst Slacker”

Sky News pointed out that in 2012 Truss co-wrote a book called Britannia unleashedwhich included a passage that described British workers as among the “worst idlers in the world”.

Truss claimed not to have written this chapter and said fellow author and current Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab was responsible for the section in question.

Raab later claimed the authors, who also included Home Secretary Priti Patel, had taken “collective responsibility” for the book, adding: “It’s up to Liz to explain why she changed her mind. “


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