Hispanic Forum Scholarship Application Now Open


BRYAN, Texas — More than $1.2 million has been donated to Latinos in the Brazos Valley by the Hispanic Forum. And the non-profit organization says there is still a lot of work to be done to help students achieve their goals in higher education.

The Hispanic Forum says it’s in the business of dreams, their goal is to help Latino students have a path to college graduation.

Applying for the scholarship started as a mission for Mark Romero, but it quickly turned into so much more.

“I never thought about it too much, but basically it changed my whole college experience,” said Mark Romero, fellow, freshman at A&M studying computer science. “And honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made in my senior year.”

Romero says he saw his parents face a fair share of trials and tribulations as a Mexican and African-American couple. This, he says, taught him hard work and perseverance.

The Hispanic Forum has helped Latinos for years, but now they are committed to helping all undeserved communities in the Brazos Valley.

“It’s not just Hispanics who are struggling, it’s everyone who is struggling, we are all affected by this pandemic, but if we all come together and work hard, we can help these students achieve their goals,” said said Maria Hoffman, president of the Hispanic Forum.

Last year, the organization awarded $151,000 to students looking to further their education and through their community events and bringing the community together, they have achieved this goal.

“We can come together, you know, and help them, even better,” Hoffman added. “They need us to believe in them and in their future”,

This year, many events return such as the candidates meeting, the 8th annual 5 km race and the 12th annual golf tournament.

Romero hopes to one day help others in the community benefit from the same opportunity that changed his life.

“I have to be a good role model for my sister and so with my mom and dad being good role models for me,” Romero shared “I want to be that for my sister,”

If you believe in your academic excellence, this year’s application process is officially open. The deadline is March 31.


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