Glenwood Springs and West Glenwood residents launch website to campaign against annexation of 480 Donegan


A grassroots organization seeking to repeal the annexation of 480 Donegan in the May election has launched a website to inform residents of some of the impacts of the development on West Glenwood, a press release says.

Formerly known as West Glenwood Pasture Group, the Glenwood Springs Citizens for Sensible Development (GSCSD) has announced the launch of was the first step in a citywide education initiative planned to provide perspective on the complex issues surrounding the development of 480 Donegan proposed by R2 Partners, an Ohio-based development company with roots in the Roaring Fork valley.

GSCSD members successfully called for a referendum repealing Glenwood Springs City Council’s Nov. 4 decision to annex 480 Donegan. In December, the council opted to put repeal on the May election ballot, allowing voters in Glenwood Springs to have the final say on annexation.

The website acts as a vehicle for residents advocating against the development, explaining why annexation is bad for the city, the neighborhood and the weather, the press release said.

Local business owner and founder of the neighborhood’s private outreach Facebook page, which banned some members of the media and city council in 2021, Lacy King stressed residents’ desire to hear the perspective of the GSCSD on development.

“We encourage all residents of Glenwood Springs to visit this website, review all claims, and find out what is really at stake in the special election on May 3, when residents can decide the fate of 480 Donegan” , King said in the press release.

On the website, GSCSD provides information and opinions on issues concerning emergency evacuation capacity, infrastructure, the future of Glenwood Springs Mall, open space, affordable housing, water shortages and the overall city plan, which is currently being updated.

“It’s more complicated than just choosing whether we want to get a fire station in exchange for adding 700 to 1,000 new residents – and their vehicles – to our narrow, residential streets,” said Laurie Raymond, local business owner and GSCSD leader, in the press release. . “We believe that taking into account

this project is too big and complex to be seen only in terms of the promises made by the developers.


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