Glass Animals Delivers First Installment of ‘Quarantine Covers’ + Launches Open Source Website



it was a pleasure to watch Glass animals‘frontman Dave bayley cover some all-time classics in his new Quarantine blankets series. Having already put his spin on Nirvana, Lana Del Rey & Bill Withers, the multi-talented artist today launched a new open source website and gave two of her pristine covers a full streaming version!

By popular demand, Glass Animals has unveiled the first part of its Quarantine blankets on all streaming platforms. Composed of covers of “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana and “Young & Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey, we can’t wait to hear what else Dave Bayley has in store for his next album!

Along with this latest offering, the superstar group has also launched a new open source website complete with layered illustrations, audio rods, samples and more – available for fans to download. With the initial greeting “we love your creativity, so we have decided to put everything at your disposal to play with / edit / create”, the content creation possibilities of the new site seem endless.

Flux Quarantine blankets below and check out the new website here. Enjoy!

Glass animals – Quarantine blankets



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