GitHub wants to preserve open-source code in arctic world archives


GitHub announced the Arctic Code Vault, the company’s new Microsoft-owned project that aims to archive all open source software. To make this possible, GitHub has partnered with the Long Now Foundation, the Internet Archive, the Software Heritage Foundation, the Arctic World Archive, Microsoft Research, the Bodleian Library, and Stanford Libraries.

“It is a hidden cornerstone of modern civilization and the common heritage of all mankind. The mission of the GitHub archives program is to preserve open source software for future generations. “, mentions GitHub on its website.

The first snapshot of each active public GitHub repository will be captured on February 2, 2020. The data collected will be stored in the Arctic World Archive (AWA), a disused coal mine located in the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway.

In addition to this, GitHub has formed an advisory group comprising experts in various fields such as anthropology, archeology, history, linguistics, archival science and futurism to help them decide what content to include in archives.

“The snapshot will consist of the HEAD of the default branch of each repository, minus binaries over 100 KB. Each repository will be packaged in the form of a single TAR file ”, declares GitHub.

In case you were wondering, the captured data will be stored on 3,500ft film reels encoded by Piql, a company expert in this field. These films are designed to last 500 years, but aging tests suggest they could last up to 1000 years.

In other news, we saw Microsoft’s research team collaborate with Warner Bros. to store the iconic 1978 movie “Superman” on a piece of quartz glass as part of Project Silica, the tech giant’s research project.


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