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New measures will mean that people over 75 on pension credit will no longer have to fill in paperwork to get the free licence. This will mean an easier application process for the 7,000 Britons who apply for a free license each month.

The current process requires applicants to send documents to the BBC to prove they have a pension credit.

Under the new proposal, the BBC will automatically check with the Department for Work and Pensions whether someone applying for a free TV license is eligible for pension credit.

Free TV licenses for people over 75 were scrapped by the BBC in 2002, but those with Pension Credit support are still eligible.

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Nadine Dorries said: ‘The BBC’s disappointing decision to stop providing free TV licenses to all over 75s has left pensioners weak. income who remain eligible jump through administrative hoops to avoid paying fees.

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To be eligible for pension credit, a person must live in England, Scotland and Wales and have reached statutory retirement age.

The benefit tops up a person’s weekly income to £182.60 if they are single, or a joint amount of £278.70 if they have a partner.

People with higher incomes are still eligible for support if they have a disability or are carers.

A person’s income includes their state pension, other pensions, income from employment and self-employment.

Social security benefits, such as childcare allowance, will also be considered part of an individual’s income.

Applying for a pension credit may also qualify for other government assistance.

This includes housing benefit if a person rents the property they live in and mortgage interest assistance if they own their home.

Applicants may also be eligible for a council tax reduction and help with medical care, such as NHS dental care, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments.

Help with heating costs may also be available through the Warm Home discount scheme and a discount on the Royal Mail redirection service for those moving house.


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