Dynatrace extends application security capabilities for runtime environments


Dynatrace announced that it has extended its application security module to detect and protect against vulnerabilities in runtime environments.

These environments now include the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Node.js runtime, and .NET CLR. The company also jointly announced that it has expanded support for Go-powered apps, with adoption increasing 23% in the past year.

The company says the enhancements give the Dynatrace platform the ability to provide real-time visibility and vulnerability scans across the entire application stack. This includes custom code, open source and third-party libraries, language runtimes, container runtimes, and container orchestrators.

They say the focus is on layered analysis, enabling development and security teams to better assess risk, prioritize and remediate threats more effectively, and innovate faster and with greater security. .

Luca Domenella, Soldo Cloud Operations and DevOps Manager, said the new enhancements will help provide a better overall picture of secure management and solve many problems associated with endless processes in the cloud space.

“We are proud of our heritage as a cloud-native company that leverages agile delivery practices, the latest technologies, and a state-of-the-art secure development lifecycle to bring continuous innovation to our customers,” he declares.

“Dynatrace Application Security helps make this possible by giving us full visibility and analytics across all layers of our complex application ecosystem, ensuring that no vulnerabilities escape our secure DevOps lifecycle.”

He also says the immediate nature of the system allows for instant action and better workflow.

“Furthermore, it helps us instantly understand the risk and potential impact of zero-day vulnerabilities, such as Log4Shell, and automatically prioritizes the steps needed to resolve them. This saves our teams from wasting weeks sorting through alerts. and enables them to address new vulnerabilities in days or less, so they can stay focused on innovation.”

A focus on runtime language, a critical layer of the application stack, is also an important part of Dynatrace’s offerings. By extending its application security module to support runtimes in the most widely adopted programming languages, the company says the technology will help it stand out and deliver the best solutions on the market.

“The number of entry points attackers use to target applications continues to grow. Vulnerabilities can infiltrate applications from any part of the software supply chain, including components open source or third-party and application runtimes,” said Steve Dynatrace SVP of Product Management. Nail.

“Traditional approaches cannot accurately detect runtime vulnerabilities or analyze their potential exploitability and impact. Dynatrace is the only solution that provides runtime vulnerability analysis across the entire data stack. applications and AI-assisted prioritization for the most popular cloud-native application technologies, now including Golang.

“With these capabilities, DevSecOps teams can focus on patching the most impactful vulnerabilities. This helps them innovate faster, with confidence that all layers of their applications are vulnerability-free.”


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