Dayton, Tennessee, Company Launches Website to Connect Rock Quarries to Stone Distributors


DAYTON, Tenn. – Since taking over the once bankrupt Majestic Stone operation here in 2016, Patrick Wells has helped the company more than quadruple sales of the mountain stone the company ships across the country.

Not bad for someone who admits he knew little about quarrying and selling stones before Alderman Holdings acquired the business in the fall of 2016 and appointed Wells as CEO. But Wells, who earned an MBA from Samford University, didn’t know much about his previous two business ventures in legal outsourcing and auto salvage.

Wells said he was able to develop Majestic Stone by investing in new equipment used at the seven leased quarries atop Dayton Mountain where the company gets its product and making improvements to the stone-cutting facilities here. Wells also enhanced the nationwide sales network by focusing on selling and servicing more than 100 Mountain Stone distributors across the United States.

With such improvements, the Dayton-based company has been able to capitalize on the growing housing and renovation market, which has remained strong even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Wells is focused on finding even better ways to connect and serve customers.

“How can we present our product to distributors in a more consistent way? Wells asked showing his Dayton operations last week. “Our quarries change and evolve and our product varies in color and thickness and it’s difficult to deliver a perfectly consistent product.”

Addressing these concerns led Wells to decide to create a new approach to internet sales to help stone distributors learn more about specific stones and the prices they are paying.

Together with David and Natalie Martin and the company’s chief operating officer, John Bryant, Wells is launching on Tuesday as a website and sales platform for mountain stone distributors to see heaps specific stone prices which will include truckloads delivered to stone distributors and the price of stone at county quarries. The new sales platform will help product buyers see the specific stone loads they are purchasing in advance and the prices for those loads on a competitive and visible website.

A stone load generally refers to a truckload of mountain stone that is quarried and cut for delivery by quarries and usually sold to builders or renovators at stores supplied by stone distributors.

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Staff photo by Majestic Stone CEO Dave Flessner/Patrick Wells, left, and consultant David Martin are pictured at Majestic Stone in Dayton, Tennessee on Thursday, April 28, 2022. The couple have teamed up to create StoneLoads as new sales platform to better connect mountain stone distributors and quarries.

Rather than just serving his own Majestic Stone business, Wells, his staff and partners have developed a new website to connect hundreds of stone quarries and suppliers with national distributors and retailers who purchase Mountain Stone Trucks. from suppliers across the country.

“As a career and manufacturing CEO myself, I decided to build StoneLoads because I knew firsthand that our industry needed it,” Wells said. “I’m confident this will bring victories to natural stone businesses of all sizes all across the continental United States.”

Tony Mueller, vice president of sales at Buechel Stone, which has design stores in San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis and Kohler, Wisconsin, said StoneLoads “is a long-needed sales tool” and said that his company’s use of the technology has shown it to be easy to use.

“The fact that the platform was built by an industry insider makes it intuitive and really useful,” Mueller said in a description of his company’s use of StoneLoads. “Having the ability to showcase our products to a large audience of buyers, in real time online, gives us the ability to sell more natural stone than ever before. StoneLoads is a game changer.”

Using’s platform, quarries and natural stone fabricators across the United States can list truckloads of products for purchase by landscaping jobsites across the United States.

“One of the biggest challenges the natural stone industry has faced in years is the lack of transparency when it comes to product availability,” Wells said in an announcement of the new venture. “StoneLoads provides that remedy. Now quarries and manufacturers can list their products online for a nationwide audience of landscaping jobsites looking for exactly those materials.”

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In development for over a year, StoneLoads recently completed a successful beta testing phase and, starting Tuesday, is ready to add to its user roster of buyers and sellers from coast to coast. ‘other.

Marcus Amendola, owner of Daco Enterprises in Holly Springs, Georgia, said StoneLoads gives his company more access to stone inventory than it ever had.

“We are able to see what products are available right now, where they are and how much they cost,” he said in a statement about the new venture. “StoneLoads has brought a level of product transparency to the stone industry that has never existed before.”

The new website opens up 24-hour career sales with a simplified and more transparent pricing process. For landscaping jobsites, they know when full loads can be picked up immediately and they can see actual images of the materials in the load they purchase in advance.

Kevin Schofield, who helps manage Rockall Products in Asheville, North Carolina, said in a statement that quarry owners like him view StoneLoads “as cause for celebration.

“Not only will you be able to sell your products in a simple way online, but you will now be able to reach new potential buyers through a national footprint,” he said. “This is an exciting development for everyone in the natural stone industry.”

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