DARPA Researches AI Methods and Tools to Protect Open Source Code Integrity


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking proposals on artificial intelligence-based architectures and approaches that could help developers ensure the integrity of open source software platforms designed to support the Department of the Ministry’s infrastructure. Defense.

DARPA’s AI Exploration SocialCode program will focus on identifying hybrid methods to protect OSS development and maintenance processes from cyber-social activities that may use social media campaigns, coding flaws, or bug alerts. misleading to disrupt a project, according to a solicitation notice posted on SAM.

The agency noted that potential code integrity protection tools should work to analyze communication artifacts and multimedia operations that would affect OSS developer communities.

SocialCyber ​​Phase 1 has a cap value of $ 550,000 and will focus on a nine-month feasibility study to characterize social history and code ownership. The second phase of the program has a total value of $ 1 million and will aim to develop an OSS situational awareness tool over a nine month period.

Interested parties can submit proposals until April 6.

The Potomac Officers Club will feature leaders from the public and private sectors at its 3rd annual Artificial Intelligence Summit on March 30 to offer their perspectives on emerging technology.


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