CAD season kicks off with a new website that also has links to PLC courses and apprenticeships


The 2022 college application season kicks off today with a new CAD website offering a one-stop-shop for major study and career paths, not just points-based courses.

students will be able to access over 650 post-Leaving Cert (PLC) courses and will also have access to information and guidance on the path to learning, where opportunities develop rapidly,

The portal will be further developed in the years to come, but even today, it is a game-changer, the visibility of additional education and training options offering them parity of esteem with 1,400 higher education course choices. .

Higher and Higher Education Minister Simon Harris said it would “change the conversation at kitchen tables across the country – a conversation that reflects there is no right or wrong choice, just different choices “.

Andrew Brownlee, CEO of the national education and training agency Solas, said having all options on the table when young people discuss their next step after leaving school can only help. ‘help’ make smart and balanced choices based on their skills and interests. ”.

While ensuring that school-leavers are aware of the variety of choices available to them is a key consideration, Junior Education Minister Niall Collins also stressed the need for people with skills, such as those developed in apprenticeship, to help meet government housing goals.

CAO’s website, which will go live for 2022 at noon, will continue to process higher education applications only.

All continuing education and learning requests will be made through traditional channels, although applicants can access these channels from the website.

The push to open the eyes of students and parents to choices beyond the courses listed by the CAO coincides with an imminent overhaul of Leaving Cert.

Education Minister Norma Foley said yesterday the government is committed to reforming higher education to ensure it works for all students.

She said the talents, dreams and ambitions of individual students need to be recognized and they need to be prepared for a full range of options when they leave school.

Ms Foley was speaking at a conference organized by the Joint Managerial Body (JMB), which represents the principals of nearly half of the country’s secondary schools.

The conference took place against the backdrop of a National Council Review and Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), with its report outlining potential new approaches for graduate school expected to be launched shortly.


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