Bihar Beltron Jobs: Fraud of a fake website in the name of Beltron, know everything Ann


Patna: Cyber ​​criminals constantly trick people using different ways. Sometimes by pretending to be bank officials and sometimes by other means. This time, a case of attempted fraud by creating a fake website in the name of Beltron has been brought to light. Following this, an FIR was also filed against an unknown person at Shastri Nagar Police Station in Patna.

In fact, the real Beltron website is The information for the recruitment of candidates has been given on a similar website with a similar name,

Both websites look the same when you open them. This is why many people have fallen prey to it. Beltron officials found out later.

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Many applicants made online payments on the fake website and also filled the form on the website itself and came to Beltron office in Shastri Nagar for investigation. Officials learned of the forgery and later complained to the police station. Now, information about fraudsters is collected using IP addresses.

See case-related information at a glance.

  • The Original Beltron Website –
  • Fake Website URL –
  • Both websites look the same when you open them.

SHO Ram Shankar Singh said the case turned out to be true. The cyber cell team is trying to catch the scammers. The assistance of a technical unit will be taken.


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