Backup and Operation of New Hampshire Lottery Website After Cyberattack


The site went back online around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. In a statement, the commission said its third-party vendor suffered an attack that impacted the lottery site. During the attack, a pop-up banner prompt was created to trick players into clicking the link and downloading a .zip file.

After the attack began, the commission destroyed the site.

“We are confident that this attack had no impact on player data or compromised the integrity of our gaming platforms,” ​​the lottery said.

As a precautionary measure, the lottery commission asks players to take the following steps if they have already visited the site:

  • If you clicked the pop-up banner link, you may have downloaded a .zip file. Delete this file and empty your computer’s recycle bin.
  • If you have clicked on or launched any of the files in this .zip file, install and run an anti-virus-malware scanner to remove all suspicious files from your computer. The lottery recommends the following free tools: AVG Free for AntiVirus; Malwarebytes free for malware.
  • If you have been prompted for iLottery username and password information at any time, you must update your password when the system is back online.
  • Please update your password on any other website where you might use this username and password combination.

The lottery site was back online Saturday morning.

Some browsers may still have a blockage on the site. Chrome, one of the busiest browsers in the world, has an always-on malware warning. The company told the commissioner it could be a few days before the warning is removed. However, users should still be able to click.


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