ArmorCode integrates with Traceable AI to improve organizations’ application security


ArmorCode has integrated with Traceable AI, which will bring its data into the ArmorCode platform and improve application security posture from code to cloud.

To scale at the pace of business, modern applications are powered by APIs to provide functionality. The challenge is that every new API needs to be secure, and as the number of APIs in use continues to grow, it becomes easy for organizations to lose track of deployed APIs as applications are launched more and more frequently.

With this new integration, ArmorCode customers are able to monitor their API deployment and detect bad actors in the context of the broader application security posture.

“Agile DevOps, Cloud Deployment, Microservices, API Adoption, and Open Source have all dramatically accelerated application delivery and application risk posture. ArmorCode’s platform gives us unified visibility into applications, microservices and automates complex DevSecOps workflows. Traceable AI solves one of the biggest problems security teams face for us, which is distinguishing between valid and malicious use of an application’s APIs. The combination of ArmorCode and Traceable AI helps us do this at a fraction of the cost and time,” said Upendra Mardikar, CSO of Snap Finance.

“The widespread use of APIs in cloud-native applications has dramatically expanded the attack surface for enterprises. Traceable monitors end-to-end application activity, from user and session to application code. Traceable’s integration with ArmorCode simplifies AppSec and development team workflows, removing friction between those teams to further accelerate the delivery of secure APIs. Jyoti Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Traceable AI.

ArmorCode’s platform provides a suite of services, helping organizations address the growing attack surface. Organizations can only protect what they see and the current environment dictates the purchase of multiple solutions to obtain the information needed to manage security risks.

ArmorCode can function as a central hub for these tools with over 130 integrations capable of integrating with the ArmorCode AppSecOps platform.

“This powerful integration between Traceable AI and ArmorCode Platform confirms our vision to link and automate best-in-class security tools and help our customers better integrate their DevOps and SecOps teams seamlessly,” said Nikhil Gupta, CEO and co-founder of ArmorCode. .

“ArmorCode consolidates Traceable results and correlates them with application and infrastructure vulnerabilities and presents them to AppSec and development teams in a simple interface that gives clear visibility into the risk posture of the API of a business and the immediate corrective actions that must be taken to protect it.” , Gupta continued.


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