Application submitted for camping pods on Dalston farmland


PROPOSALS for camping pods on a farm in Dalston should be considered by City Council.

A building permit application has been submitted to Carlisle City Council for six vacation camping pods at Moss End Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Digedan submitted the request which, if approved, would involve the change in agricultural land use.

The plans will revitalize a section of Moss End Farm.

In their design and access statement, the applicants said: “The Moss End farm has recently reduced its operations and the diversity of land use, provided this is within reasonable limits, is the only way whose building complex can manage to maintain its independence ”.

No changes are expected to be made to public roads.

They said: “The pods will be located well off the road and behind a set of farms and barns / outbuildings, but facing an unobstructed view to the south.”

The planning request was prepared taking into account the national strategic planning framework.

They said: “The NPPF is a major determining factor in considering planning applications and it encourages diversity, especially on farms. Most pod submissions rely on the NPPF to aid development and diversity as a means of sustaining farm addictions and complexes.

“Moss End Farm is no exception and as the site sits on a well-traveled tourist route to and from the Lake District, the lakes’ current improved status as a World Heritage Site means that surrounding lands and farms can benefit from the status more than the earth within.

The public can consult and comment on all planning applications submitted to the municipal council for approval.


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