Amazon Website: How to Change the Language and Enable Security Features


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Amazon’s website is accessible in multiple countries, which is why it offers so many language options. If you want to use the website or app in another language, you can do so.

Amazon language options

Amazon offers different language options for you to choose from, although you are limited to certain languages ​​depending on your region, depending on How Geek.

Each Amazon site has its own set of languages ​​that you can use. For example, if you are in the United States, you can select English and Spanish, while users in India have Hindi and other local language options by default.

Change language on Amazon website

To be able to enable another language on the website, open the Amazon site in a web browser on your computer. You can use any region-specific site, depending on LifeWire.

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Log into your personal Amazon account, and at the top of the website, right next to the search box and select the flag icon.

Under the “Change language” page and currency settings, select the Language settings section and all available languages ​​will be displayed. If you want a language to be the default language, choose it from the list.

You can save your changes by clicking on the Save changes option at the bottom of the page. Amazon will use the language you selected and you are good to go.

Change language on the Amazon app

To make the changes to the Amazon app, you can use a different language on your iPhone, Android phone, or iPad. You need to open the app and tap on the three lines at the bottom.

Select “Settings” from the menu that opens and from the expanded menu, select Country and language. You will see the various region-specific Amazon sites and available languages. Just tap on the site you want and the language you prefer.

Once you are done, the app will refresh and display the language you selected, depending on

Secure your account

The first line of defense on your Amazon website is the password. Choosing a strong password is very important to ensure the security of your account.

Don’t use anything easy to guess, like your birthday. Most strong passwords are often difficult to remember, so it is best to have a password manager or password generator.

Use two-step verification

Having a strong password is not enough. You need two-step verification to secure your account. Two-step verification is an additional layer of security that prevents others from accessing your personal account.

You will need to enter your password to log in, but you will also need to enter a code which is sent directly to your phone. That way, if your Amazon password gets leaked, they won’t be able to easily log into your account unless they have your phone.

To activate the two-step verification process, go to Settings and select Your Account. Under Connection and security settings, select the Edit button and go to Advanced security settings to activate the process.

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