AceStream blocked in Spain! The popular app to watch freefall sports


This block seems to have been in effect for a few days now, so it is still not possible to access this site. With curiosity, your mobile app is always available in the Google Play Storebecause this application does not really provide access to pirate content on its own.

AceStream is blocked… forever?

A few weeks ago we informed you of a decision in which LaLiga and Movistar came out on top for the blocking of web pages. This penalty allowed both entities to block web pages identified for pirating audiovisual content of all kinds. This blocking of web pages was much higher than that of other older judicial convictions, since for this legal procedure 79 of these sites have been identified.

One of the peculiarities of this decision is that the possibility of blocking granted to the two entities is “dynamic”, which means that they can continue to identify several of these websites to continue to block them without having to re-enter the justice for that. In fact, the list of these websites can be updated by both entities weeklywhich offers a much higher level of protection.

Among these 79 websites that we refer to, there was unfortunately AceStream. This open source application is available for Windows as well as Linux and Android. It is very curious that both entities noticed it in their list of websites pirating media content, because AceStream does not include any pirated content on its serversbeing an application that can be perfectly used for legal interests.

In fact, this application facilitates and enables the viewing of streaming content in P2P. All users who use this application to watch any type of content will also share it with other users, which means that the more users sharing the signal, the better its stability and quality will be. In other words, the users are responsible for the streams, because as we said, AceStream does not provide access to any type of illegal content.

If we now try to enter the web of this application we will find a message from our operator informing us that we do not have access to the AceStream site. For example, Vodafone shows us the message “For reasons beyond Vodafone, this website is unavailable”. We will also see this same message if we try to access it having Finetwork as our company.

Other operators like O2 show the error “This website is inaccessible ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” or like Orange, which will receive us with the message “Content blocked at the request of the competent authority, communicated to this operator”. Interestingly, it seems that some operators like Yoigo continue to provide access to this portalalthough we don’t know if this is some kind of temporary error.


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